Amateur iPhone photographers who usually store and share photos on Facebook or instagram are now tempted to convert their hidden personalised snaps into cash. Introducing Swedish start-up Foap who according to aim to become the ‘world’s largest marketplace for smartphone photos.’

Foap will provide a mobile phone platform for avid photographers to upload pictures and make them accessible to the general public for reuse . Photos are tagged according to their subject, making it easier for buyers to locate. The photographer decides whether the picture is available for commercial (companies can use for selling and marketing purposes) or editorial use (mostly used by bloggers or news editors in expressions of thought and opinions).

Images cost the buyer $10. Half of the takings go to the photographer the other half to Foap for the day-to-day running of the business. Images can be sold  multiple times. The app is currently available for iPhone with Android compatible software still in the works.

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Article by Courtney van der Weyden