The Urbanauts Project have created a holiday experience that engages the tourist in the local culture.

Located in Vienna the Urbanauts is a hotel that was once  home to a suit tailor store. It has been transformed to provide basic hospitality, a roof over your head whilst you sleep in a comfy king size bed however all other amenities are not included.

The visitor is encouraged  to use the facilities surrounding the hotel within the local area. As a result you are truly immersing yourself in the culture of Vienna and in turn supporting the local businesses.

The Urbanauts breakfast room is the local cafe situated around the corner and the spa is the Hammam right next door. There is no room service or lobby but the city right outside your doorstep.

The places to be – our follows. Our hotel is our network. 
Travel as a local. Travel urbanautic.

Austrian architects Christian Knapp, Jonathan Lutter and Theresia Kolmayr designed the concept in an aim to provide

‘habitats for authentic city adventurers’

They saw a need to transform vacant shop fronts into hotel rooms that would encompass the local infrastructure. The shop has been refurbished with customised architecture to ensure it’s not too noisy as your room is on street level.

Bikes are also provided to aid in your travels around the local area.

Entering our lofts right from the street travellers live like locals, on a unique personal journey.