Dictionaries are pretty much always filled with words, right? Countless pages of definitions, black on white sort of stuff, a friend to all of us but still kinda dull and boring.

Not on this occasion however. Coming out of London, designers/artists, Ben West and Felix Heyes have come up with the clever idea of creating a 1,240-page visual dictionary, all thanks to Google images.

Did someone say ‘worlds most outrageously large coffee-table book’?

A visual snapshot of the 21st century, West and Heyes have replaced all 21 thousand words from your standard dictionary with the first Google Image from each word searched, piecing together a myriad of images that express the world we live in today.

In an interview with Creative Applications, West commented on the development of the project saying, “We used two PHP scripts my brother Sam wrote for us,” “The first one takes a text list of dictionary words and downloads each image in sequence, and the second lays them out into columns and outputs a PDF.”

The PDF was then printed and hardbound with the final product turning out something like this.

Summarising the book in a few sentences, West said, “It’s really an unfiltered, uncritical record of the state of human culture in 2012,” adding, “I would estimate about half of the book is revolting medical photos, porn, racism or bad cartoons.”

To find out more about the book or the artists check out their websites here > Ben West – Felix Heyes

Article By Tarant Hill