A project created by Russian communications student, Ilya Tekhlikidi has been used as a campaign for the Victims of Illegal Political Repressions Organization. The campaign has been aimed at younger generations, and uses contemporary formats to speak to the digital natives about the atrocities caused by Joseph Stalin, on the 75th anniversary of the Great Purge.

The project began as a graduation work by Mr Tekhlikidi who chose the Victims of Illegal Political Repressions Organization because of his own family history. During Stalin’s regime, Mr Tekhlikidi great-grandfather was executed by firing squad; and his great grandmother and her children survived three labor camps.

The posters show images of  iconic social media logos such as Facebook and Twitter intertwined with images of Joseph Stalin. The posters also have  inscriptions on them relating Stalin to the social media sites of today.

Mr Tekhlikidi created the posters in collaboration with a Russian artist known as Nox-13 who has become famous for creating and publishing similar style prints to the Internet.

A number of Russian magazines have published images from the campaign after it was posted on the Internet. Throughout its time online, the campaign has caused great controversy and has sparked a number of heated online debates.

Some have criticised Mr Tekhlikidi for creating something “shameful” and “tasteless”. Whilst others disagree, saying it’s an acceptable way of reaching a certain audience, and it’s better to have projects like these than nothing at all.

See below for some of the other posters created by the pair.

Article By Tarant Hill