Nike has collaborated with Random Hacks of kindness (RHoK) to create the Nike Sustainable Materials Index. The micro site is designed to ask manufactures and innovators, those who are at the core of the design process, to make use of sustainable materials.

RHoK and Nike were faced with the challenge of how to  empower designers and manufacturers to make the most environmentally sustainable decisions possible when selecting materials for their products. 

It’s no secret that some materials used in the creation of products have a negative effect on the environment. Nike has revealed that  60% of the impact a Nike product has on the environment is in its material makeup. For eight years Nike has worked with Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Duke University to assemble a dataset based on the sustainability of materials. The Nike Sustainable Materials Index is the tangible result.

According to the Nike makers tumbler , the Index is our thesis on how to measure the environmental impact of materials. And it is a tool for Nike product designers that enables them to select environmentally better materials from better suppliers.

The microsite allows users to visualise what impact specific materials will have on four key areas: waste, water, chemistry and energy.

The power of decision-making will be handed over to the designers and manufactures from higher level management.