“With all my might, you’d all take flight… if I could but wish for better things, you’d all disperse and grow your wings.” – Benjamin Brewster, Dandelion.

Recently friend of UWS Galvin Scott Davis spoke at Failcon. In his talk he mentioned Proteins latest project Dandelion. Dandelion is an interactive storytelling experience that will help spread the word that “bullying is for people with no imagination”. You can now become apart of this incredible creative project through showing your support on Kickstarter.

The story: Benjamin Brewster is bullied each day at ‘The School for the Misguided’ until one day, when all seems lost, a patch of magical Dandelions appear which allow him to conjure a new world from his imagination.

Protein knew that the concept was special and that they could create something truly magical on the iPad by making the Dandelions come to life – and encourage kids to discuss bullying through interacting with the created world. The digital version of the book is detailed and incredibly interactive. The experience when blowing the Dandelions from the screen is breathtaking. [pun intended!]

Protein has develop award-winning apps so this is a no-risk pledge (should you love the project). Protein has produced many Apps, it’s what they do. They wanted to get as far as they could with the prototype to prove to their audience how wonderful it could be – the proof is firmly in the pudding!

Author – Galvin Scott Davis: The story for Dandelion came about when my son experienced bullying at school. As a parent, you are supposed to have all the answers, right? But as we all know, that is not necessarily the case. What to do? I needed to put myself in my son’s shoes, draw on my own past experiences and offer him a solution to help him feel comfortable at school again. Being a writer, the idea for Dandelion sprang to mind and I immediately pitched it to my team at Protein. A story to encourage parents and children to talk about bullying and look at whether some problems can be solved with a little imagination. 

Head on over to Kickstarter to view the rewards and make a pledge.