TweetAFlight is harnessing the power of Twitters real-time reach by acting as a direct sales channel for airlines and travel agencies. Created by Steven Frischling of The Travel Strategist, this e-commerce solution wants to transform airline tweets into transactions.

Tweets from airline providers will give followers the option to immediately purchase tickets through the response command ‘buy’.

‘TweetAFlight will combine the new e-commerce Twitter platform Chirpify with the flexibility of Paypal, completely transforming twitter from a social media sharing platform into a transactional tool.’

Once the user is signed up with these Platforms they are good to purchase.  The transaction will be processed and the ticket will be distributed by SABRE.

Frischling, a social media consultant for airlines and the travel industries hopes to have TweetAFlight launched within the next few months. As pioneer of this 17 months in the making idea, he sees the platform as an opportunity to sell seats that would otherwise go empty. This has the potential to generate what would otherwise be lost revenue.