The Scrubba Washing Bag is a revolution for travelers no matter their destination. The ‘worlds smallest washing machine’ in the form of a backpack, was recently a success story from crowd funding platform Indiegogo, exceeding their goal of $2500 by an impressive $20,000.

Being an avid traveller, co-creator Ashley Newland developed the bag in order to ‘travel, free and light’. The bag contains a flexible washboard, recycling an age old idea that has been around since the 1800’s. Clothing is cleaned by simply placing items in the bag and rubbing them against the washboard from the outside (which minimises the exposure of the user to cleaning materials). Liquid detergent or even shampoo and body wash can be used.  It is a simple and quick process taking only 20-40 seconds to remove most oils, dirt and odours. If your clothes  had a major work out , they can be left to soak for 2-3 hours.

Best of all, the Scrubba Washing Bag requires no electricity or power so you can lighten your footprint on the world as you travel.  The bag weighs in at 180 grams and can easily be be folded to almost pocket size so it wont take up too much room when you travel.

Ashley spent a total of 8.5 months backpacking around the world trialling an earlier prototype. Here he was able to do his laundry anywhere water was available as he only had a few changes of clothing in the carry on bag. The trail was a success and he managed to spend not a single sent on laundry. Laundry mats can be quite expensive whilst travelling, with the Scrubba Washing Bag you can eliminate this cost from your travel budget.

For more information go here or here.