SeeMail is a free iOS app that allows users to add their voice to photographs that are shared on the platform. Creators Ward Chandler and Kent Speakman were inspired by old photographs that contained stories of the captured moment hand-written on the back.

SeeMail aims to take mobile photo sharing to the next level by adding the emotion and feeling of the human voice to the experience.via PSFK

The app uses patent-pending technology that saves a voice recorded message or sound recording to inform friends and family about the moment. The user can take a photo with the application or use one from their photo library. The app allows the user 33 seconds to record their message. A 100 character caption can also be added and the photo is published to the SeeMail user profile or Facebook.
The app is not only suitable for personal use but also for business. ‘Realtors, contractors ad designers‘ are taking advantage of the sharing app. It allows these professionals to share and communicate their work or communicate with clients about a current project.