‘I dont want to talk about my work. I want to talk about our work. How we can change our process to create better and engaging and more successful design.’

Portable is proud to present Frank Chimero, one of America’s most influential thinkers in the design industry.

Based in New York, Frank Chimero is one of America’s preeminent thought leaders on design theory, practice and culture. He has worked as a designer, illustrator and strategist for brands such as the New York Times, Facebook and WIRED and his recent book The Shape of Design explores the notion that logic may not always to be the best way to solve design problems. His work often employs symbolism, concepts and storytelling simultaneously, creating pieces that both delight and provoke thought.

In this series of talks presented for Portable here in Australia, Frank will explore and reveal his innate understanding of design and its role within larger systems, discussing the patterns of good design, choices that we make in design and how it can influence change.

The series is suited to creative professionals working within a wide variety of design related industries including graphic design, web design, fashion, technology and industrial design. It consists of a keynote presentation, Q&A, along with networking drinks after the event. Events will take place in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Frank will be speaking as part of the Portable Talks in Sydney in association with VIVID Ideas.

For more information on ticketing for Melbourne and Brisbane head here.