Instead is an iphone app  that  ‘encourages people to live within or below their means’. Created by Micah Davis of Ovenbits, a software design studio, the app will encourage people to purchase less and give the remaining proceeds to charity. The studio is constantly inundated with requests for support, as a result they are creating ‘a whole platform to help (and unite) non-profits’.

Davis wants to change peoples behaviour for the better, change the way we make purchase related decisions and in the process, help those who are less fortunate. Davis explains,

“Instead of eating at the Cheesecake Factory, how about eating at Chipotle and giving the difference?” . Or, instead of going to the movies, use Redbox, and give the difference.”

The app works by either entering credit card details or as a facebook sign in. You can then choose from 100 plus charities with the default donation being $5. As explains;

The idea is to make one-button giving fun and easy, so when your coworker pops by your desk to say “time for a Starbucks break?” you can pass, then punch in a $5 donation to the Acumen Fund or your charity of choice.

This app is similar in nature to that UWS recently featured in that it encourages people to do good and charitable within their community.

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