Blueseed aims to be the first offshore floating startup community. The large vessel will house a community of talented entrepreneurs from all over the world. It will assist  firms whose employees do not have US work permits and immigrant entrepreneurs having troubles remaining in the US.

According to the Blueseed website:

The world’s best entrepreneurs should be able to gather and collaborate in one place, and not be limited by antiquated work visa restrictions.

Located exactly 12 nautical miles off the Californian shore, Blueseed has strategically placed themselves within close proximity of Silicon Valley, the global hub of tech innovation. As a result the ship will be stationed in non-territorial waters. It will be out of the US jurisdiction thus visa restrictions do not apply.

The ship will have both living and working arrangements. Those who will call this home will have the ability to visit America on a 180 day tourist visa. A large-capacity ferry will operate twice daily, taking people to and fro. US citizens will be able to visit whenever they please. Once start-ups achieve sufficient size and require more space, the owners will assist them in gaining US permits.

The design of the ship is not yet finalised however according to the Blueseed website:

(it will be a) elegantly designed modern tech environment so compelling that it will be called the “Googleplex of the Sea”. 

With plans to launch between the third quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014, applications and expressions of interest are being taken now. Those who are interested are invited to fill out a survey on Blueseed’s website. Prices range from $1200 for a shared cabin to $3000 for a top-tier single cabin.