Alarmingly every 90 seconds, a woman will lose her life when giving the greatest gift of all, a new life. That’s 360, 000 lives lost each year and sadly enough, 90 percent of these are preventable.

New York advertising agency CHI & Partners together with Christy Turlington Burns charity organisation, Every Mother Counts, has created the campaign No Mothers Day. The campaign explicitly asks all mothers to fall silent this coming mothers day in an act of solidarity for all women and girls at risk. This means no gift giving, no status updates, no spending time with loved ones.

The aim is to make aware how much a mum can be missed when she is gone. The 2 minute film by director Ed Burns shows famous and non famous mothers encourage fellow mothers to ‘disappear’ on the day that recognises mothers the most.

Managing Partner of CHI, Victoria Davies states,

“No Mothers Day is a very simple, slightly jarring thought that I hope forces a conversation on an uncomfortable issue of global maternal mortality. This turns what is a Hallmark holiday into a day where moms are thinking about the world and changing the meaning of Mother’s Day. It’s a strong idea and it’s not an easy idea for people to engage with. But no one other that Every Mother Counts could do this.”

Christy Turlington notes,

“Do we think that women will actually go silent? I don’t know. I’d love them to, I understand if they don’t, but I want them to talk about it. We’re trying to force the right kind of global discussion on the importance of motherhood, Mother’s Day is our moment of noise.”