On valentines day this year, LinkedIn’s cofounder and Ben Casnocha released their co-written book, The Start up of You. The pair argue and surmise that we can no longer rely on or expect society to provide us with a job and stable employment,  we now need to rely on the person we know best, ourselves. We need to depend on ourselves to make our own jobs to sustain a living. As one of the authors quote:

we need to find a way to add value in a way no one else can. For entrepreneurs, it’s differentiate or die — that now goes for all of us.

The book not only offers an internal perspective on their own entrepreneurial experiences but

provides pragmatic, actionable advice, finishing each chapter with tasks to complete in the next day, in the next week, and in the next month.

Its not restricted to those seeking work but recommends tasks to be implemented into our lives, such as securing a tight network  of ‘professional allies’, taking risks and creating a career plan suited to your own needs and desires.

The assumptions on careers, how we find work and the world of employment has dramatically altered in the past decade. This book will act as a guide on how to adapt in the new environment and how to ‘adapt to the future, invest in yourself & transform your career’.

Watch the trailer on the book, and buy a copy for yourself soon.