‘Webs simplest way to curate the world around you’.

Thanks to applications such as Yelp and Urbanspoon, finding a good restaurant has been never been easier. Locating a specific type such as Italian or Japanese was a simple click away. However if you wanted to find a place to eat based on the ambience, a specific atmosphere, this was nearly impossible to find. A Google search may have yielded some results but wouldn’t have been of much help.

NYC based start-up Hoppit has solved this dilemma by putting ambience style searches at its core.  You can now search for ‘a warm, cosy cafe to read and drink coffee’. According to their website, it ‘provides highly curated recommendations based on the users taste preferences’. The app, which is set to launch in May is available as a desktop and mobile web application and can be used as a guide for 25 cities.

It begins by selecting the type of ‘vibe’, atmosphere you are after, followed by imputing who you are with, the distance you are willing to travel, type of cuisine and place, and can even search based on the noise level you are after.