“We had our Eureka! moment when my cofounder, Brad Geswein, recounted a story from last summer. “[My friend] Dave had his bike light stolen.  Riding home that night, he got hit by a car.” We knew the idea was sticky when we overheard friends retelling it verbatim”. (Good.is)

Kickstarter start-up Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries (GBDI) successfully hit their $18,000 goal in the first day  of going live on the crowd funding site. Since then they have tripled that figure and then some. They were able to achieve such high numbers simply because they did their research. They studied ways to creatively story tell, learnt proper video production techniques and spoke with the top ten kickstarter entrepreneurs.

Recently co-founder of GBDI, Slava Menn shared what he believes to be the six variables of success for start-ups with good.is in achieving crowd funding.

He believes all entrepreneurs should:

-Start with the story

-Plan a friend fueled viral launch

-Make your own damn video

-Create and experiment with rewards

-Get lucky with media

-Prototype! Prototype! Prototype!

Head on over to good.is for the full story and handy tips for anyone wanting to get their ideas and projects funded.