Taxi Design sat down and spoke with Andrea Kershaw, Location Director of IDEO Singapore. Together they discussed the  importance of education in developing creativity.

As the world around us is in a constant state of change, and the problems we face become more complex, it is crucial that children are educated in creativity as a means to create solutions.

“In this new world, how do education systems keep up with times, for schools and teachers to edify the future generation to be creative? Could it be the case where schools are killing creativity?”

Kershaw has witnessed how the state of education has not changed or developed in Singapore. Creativity on the curriculum is almost nonexistent.

“The purpose of education was once [useful and] perfectly-designed to do what was [supposed to] be done. But the world has moved on, requiring new skills,” she explains. “For a country to be successful, its education must move with the times.”

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 (Image from The Behance Network: The Joy Ballad)