is a new smart phone app that is designed to link non profits with businesses and people, to drive good within the community. It enables volunteers to be rewarded with tangible goods from local buinesses for the work they complete with non profits.

Socially minded consumers download the app and sign up for causes that either require them to ‘say’ (spread the message about a cause via social medias) or ‘do’ (volunteer your time and efforts to a project). They then get rewarded through the accumulation of points that can be redeemed at partnering local businesses. These participating businesses gain fresh goodwill, extra business opportunities and better their image and branding.

Businesses also receive a monthly report on what specific causes have helped drive business so they can better identify what causes to align with. This means for the first time cause related marketing has metrics.

This idea is similar in nature to Danish chocolate brand Anthon Berg who allowed people to buy products with the promise of doing a good deed as their currency. The pop up store that was open for one day only, priced goods with over 30 different deeds including ‘serve breakfast in bed to your loved one’.

Customers where required to pledge their good deed to a friend or family member on Facebook  from the stores iPads as proof they will follow through. Take a look…