On Tuesday night uncluttered white spaces held our 8th IF talk in Sydney at Play Communication Offices.

Our panel of experts, curated by 6.2 and uncluttered white spaces included Adam Chapnick , IndieGoGo‘s business development mastermind and founder of Distribber.com where he still serves as CEO. Co-founder of creative community The Loop ; Australia’s leading networking site for creative professionals, Pip Jamieson. Pips business partner Matt Fayle, not only cofounder of The Loop but a true Digital Media Pioneer, having worked around the globe in online, mobile and broadcast applications for over 12 years. Co-founder of PLAY Communication, a specialist brand experience agency based in Sydney, Australia Johannes Weissenbaeck and Dan Solo, CEO and co-founder for NERDI, an EdTech Startup based in NYC and Bondi Beach.

The theme of the up close and personal talk was ‘Funding Creativity’ with the goal to discuss how to fund projects for anyone who wants to create something. IF talks are in a forum setting and we urge the audience to engage as often and as often as possible. Historically, this has always been the case, whilst this talk had great audience participation, it certainly was not required, our panel delved deep into topics around discipline, true stories of failure and success and detailed discussions around how they personally received funding and what to do with that money.

The intimate panel discussed their views on what creativity means to them and each gave their personal accounts of the challenges they faced when bringing their creative vision to life. They shared their ultimate highs and lows, what it felt like to be rejected from investors (not once but on multiple occasions) and about choosing your investors wisely: not just accepting money from anyone who is willing. This set the foundation to discuss the importance of collaboration, a hot trending topic.  They noted the importance of surrounding yourself with people who support your vision and who will continuously push and question you.

The panel truthfully answered questions delivered from the audience such as how do you address the challenge of easily replicating one off items/products such as art, where does the excess money go that is received through funding, current issues such as the obstacles facing funding platforms and hot topic, KONY. More importantly they were asked should one put their idea out into the open on funding sites, unprotected and run the risk of someone else taking ownership of it. The simple answer  was YES. All panelists agreed that people should talk about their ideas ALWAYS, and to EVERYONE. Talking and collaborating is what truly gets ideas up off the ground and propels people into action. What they pointed out was that most ideas are non-original, its more than likely that someone has thought of ‘your great idea’ before. What separates you from the crowd is that you have gone out and done something about it, you have created something.

At the end of the discussion the audience was given the challenge to go home that night and create something, do something different. After all, the goal of the night was to inspire people to bring about change that matters. If you were one of the fortunate audience members we would love to hear what you came up with, as big or small an idea may be. GET TALKING ABOUT IT.

The IF talks are about a room full of sparks, discussing pressing issues and through collaboration and conversation, we go back out into the world and bring about small changes that over time amount to great things, one spark at a time. Thank you to all our guests and panel. We hope you were inspired.

And on a final note, as Matt Fayle so bluntly said, quit your job today! and get creating. (We at UWS take no responsibility)