Have you ever thought about the impact of your thinking is having on your business?

Does every day start the same way for you? When you awake in the morning you probably follow a repetitive path – roll out of bed, put your underwear on, than your pants/ skirt/ dress, then your top or shirt. Maybe you go to the bathroom, then to the kitchen for breakfast, back to the bathroom to brush your teeth with your right hand, if your right-handed, or vise versa, collect stuff needed for the day, walk out the door. Is it mostly, the some thing, day in, day out?

Is this what you do for your business too? Same thing, day in, day out.

What if, I told you that it’s your thinking that’s contributing to your success or the lack of. What if, I told you that it’s the same kind of thinking around your business which is preventing or propelling you to reach your goals. What if I told you that by exposing yourself to new ways of thinking will dramatically help make changes to your business that bring about better results.

This quote by Albert Einstein says so much: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

If you want different results, you’ve got to do things differently. How do you do things differently? You’ve got to think differently because thinking affects your feelings, which affect the actions you take, which affect your results. Change your thinking, change your results.

Most of us, are operating in a bubble where our thinking is limited by our past experiences and the knowledge we have gained. Which is why it’s so important to regularly challenge our thinkings by exposing ourselves to new information, other industries, and people who think differently to us. That’s why we need to get curious and fascinated by things we don’t understand or try something new or learn something different.

Try this on for size: get up on the opposite side of the bed, randomly change the order of how you dress, better still walk into the kitchen naked (surprise your partner but probably not a good idea if you have teenagers), eat, brush your teeth, get stuff ready for the day and then dress. Oh and you know that route you take every day to work, take a completely different one. Spend the day mostly using your non dominate hand. Call the client you like the least, ask them how they are and really listen – like you’ve probably never listened to them before. Let those neuro pathways in your brain form new connections.

How can you challenge your thinking today? When you hear yourself making a statement about your business, a person or business in general, ask yourself is it really true? Is it true in all circumstances? If you need to make an important decision ask yourself if there’s a way of doing it differently that can give you a better opportunity or outcome.

Give others permission to disagree with you and challenge your thinking. Surround yourself with people who’ll disagree not because they can but because they think differently to you. Listen with two ears for the truth in what they’re saying and thank them gracefully for giving you the opportunity to expand your thinking.