There is a certain attractiveness of cities that bring people in, because you want to be apart of something. Cities can create a nucleus where an idea, an innovation can start but also a movement like the sustainability movement.

And attract people that they do. The short film Thinking Cities, created by Ericsson cites several alarming statistics. For the first time in history 52% of the world’s population live in cities. Thats 200, 000 new urban dwellers each and everyday. This means that by 2050 6 billion people will live in cities. And if you average that  over the next 30-40 years, there will be one million people moving into cities each and every week.

With so many people desiring to live in cities, this translates to an enormous strain and stress on resources and materials. As alarming as these statistics may be, it’s an exciting challenge for scientists such as Geoffrey West who realise the importance of cities and the power they have in creating solutions to many of the worlds problems. They are dedicated to devoting resources and energy to creating solutions to problems so that the world is not threatened in the next 500 years and still around for the next 5000.

The film invites us to take a tour of some of the most innovative smart city projects. These include: micro chipping throw away items to see where the end up, visionary mayors and engaging with the public through a program called Citizens Connect. Take a look for yourself here: