‘Go web go’ ‘And beyond’ ‘Fly’

Fans of spiderman have been invited via Sony’s offical trailer, THE AMZING SPIDERMAN 3D to embrace their inner spidey senses. At the 2.28 minute mark, the words ‘mark of the spider man’ are spelt out which then leads viewers to a twitter account and viral website showing six static video feeds.

Tweets that gave the GPS coordinates of lost items were rolled out on the 1o th of February. Followers where instructed to locate the missing items in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix and Seattle. What they found were Peter’s backpack and inside, everything you could expect Peter to carry with him, most notably his running shoes. The backpack also contained hints of his secret identity:

Parker also collected a handful of Daily Bugle clippings about the masked vigilante, including one that instructs viewers that “This letter will be the first of many, and the first letter is always key.” Applying that clue to the black block of text in the same op-ed, which makes explicit reference to the MarkoftheSpider-Man.com website, yielded the message “SLASHPREPARE.” That led to the next step, which asked visitors to click on the static screens on the viral’s website in a particular order: 1-6-4-2-5-3-2-4-5-3-2-1-6-3-6-2-1-4-2-5.

Once the sequence is completed, the six static video feeds are appended with cities and countdown clocks. It appears that there are big plans for Spiderman this valentines day with additional plans for each of the participating cities.

Stay tuned.

Information sourced from AGRnet.