Social networks have changed the way we communicate. We have the ability to connect, share information and experiences with anyone from anywhere. However, with its benefits comes limitations, we live in a virtual world. Uniiverse is attempting to eliminate this predicament and encourage shared experiences in an offline environment, after all we are more prepared then ever before to share and interact with others.

Uniiverse however does not operate as a social network, it just uses some of its features, such as sharing and connecting with others.  It is an online community for offline services and activities. Its about sharing economy and face to face interactions. It is a safe way to share time, interests, belongings, space and skills with other people for free or to make money.

Whether its a yoga class in the park, a sushi making class or errand running, it allows anyone to share what they have to offer.Users can specify what they are offering, the rprice they charge (it could be free) and when its happening. People can instantly discover, book and pay.

How it works

Uniiverse allows anyone to share real life activities and services.

  • Its free to post, users create and host a listing by specifying what they are offering, the price they charge and when its happening.
  • People can discover the listing, book it and pay through the website.
  • The activity or service will happen in real life.
  • Buyers can rate and view a listing after it has occurred, which builds the hosts reputation.
  • Anyone can browse Uniiverse and see what other people have to offer.

Trust Features

The trust scores metric is a number that represents your unique level of trust with each other. The higher the number the better the chances are that you can trust each other. This is based on numerous variables ranging from identity verification, to social proximity.

Users build reputation by receiving ratings, and reviews from users they have shared activities or services with. These reputations build trust and enable users to make informed decisions about each other.

Uniiverse facilitates activities and services across 8 categories and 64 sub-categories. This intricate organisation of listings allows users to easily find what they are looking for, or to browse and discover all of the possibilities Uniiverse is enabling.

Services: Specialised people, Item Sharing, Space Sharing, Smarter Living

Activities: Sports, Food and Drink, Learning and Culture and Social

Uniiverse’s vision is to encourage offline interactions in todays increasingly virtual world to help people live better, together.

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