Twitter is not only used as a means of staying in touch with current events and news, socially or as a platform to advertise but in some cases is used to create peace and order.  Chief Francis Kariuki, an African administrative is using the micro blogging device to better his Kenyan community and eliminate crime. It demonstrates the power of social media.

Although he only has around 700 followers he has successfully made a difference as crime rates have dropped significantly to zero. Since his adoption of Twitter in June of 2011 he has been able to:

  • fight crime
  • Organise logistic matters
  • find missing children and animals
  • organise a rescue operation for a man trapped in a well and
  • stop a gang from breaking and entering a local teachers house.
Best of all Kariuki uses Twitter to send out messages of hope to those around him, especially the unemployed and young. A recent tweet from him read:
” Let’s be the kind of people that do good for others whether we get paid back or not, whether they say thank you or not “

Even with a small number of followers he is able to reach around 28,000 recipients either through text messages or through third party mobile applications. And apart from all the good it has done for him and his community it has also assisted in decreasing costs associated with letter writing and printing.

This just proves one way Twitter can really change the world for the better good of course.

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