Photograph by Jose Luis Roca/AFP/Getty Images
Remember that warm glow we used to get from buying dolphin friendly tuna? We could eat fish without fearing that flipper had been netted and strangled in the process. Now pretty much every type of tuna is ‘dolphin friendly’, but we’ve been unknowingly slaughtering all sorts of other marine life to fill our sandwiches.

If you want to read up on the issues that dolphin friendly tuna helped catalyse, check out this award winning article about some of the unintended consequences. If you’d like to just skip to the bit about feeling good again, check out the charts below. We’ve cut together some simple Greenpeace rankings that help point you towards brands with more sustainable seafood sourcing…

Links: Australian guide,  UK guideCanadian guide, US guide: We couldn’t find one, but we did find a supermarket guide along similar lines.
The reality is that our oceans are getting pretty smashed, with everyone from governments to mega fishing fleets and even the mafia grabbing too much from our collective commons. But if enough people start buying the more sustainable brands over the nasty ones, we might tilt things just a little in the good guys direction.

PS: If you’re keen to understand more about overfishing and more sustainable options, there are some great guides available. In North America check out SeafoodWatch, or in Australiasia check out Sustainable Seafood . Both are free and come with handy phone apps for helping you chose a better seafood alternative.

PPS: If you’re keen to do more than just improve your buying patterns, check out the awesomely rad shenanigans of Sea Shepherd. These modern day pirates are doing more to raise awareness of corrupt government fishing agreements than anyone, and it’s with crazy boats, pirate flags, and lots of fighting the baddies. If anyone can stop whaling and tuna overfishing, it’s probably them.

For further reading, check out WWF’s : John west launches sustainable seafood partnership with WWF Australia that occurred just this week.