The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vagas was recently held and the most dominant trend to come out was the rise of the smart TV. The smart TV allows you to browse the internet, download and stream movies, TV shows and catch up on your social media. But its not just its internet capabilities that are such a success, its also the ability to control interfaces via voice and motion. This will effect the way games are played and channels changed and eliminate the need for a remote control.

It is forecast that TV will very soon become a giant computer screen so says Samsung, the worlds biggest TV maker of the past 6 years. Sales have risen in the U.S from 8 percent in 2010 to 10 percent in 2011. It is also estimated that there are 100 million Smart TVs in use around the world.

Google is of course attempting to get Google TV installed in as many TV s as possible but companies such as Sony and Samsung are not obliging. Their offering their own systems in sets and offering Google in others, not in the one TV. The company to watch is Apple who was completely absent from the CES. But there is talk that they will launch one sometime this year.

There are concerns that with so many different versions available on the market with their individulal characteristics, that if you wish to switch brands valuable information and investments in apps, games and data may be lost.