It was only last year that Apple proclaimed to be the biggest seller of cameras, the ones that are attached to the iPhone of course. However there was no statistics to back that up. But now there is solid  evidence to proudly support their claim.

In the UK sales of digital cameras have dropped by 30 percent in the time of January to November of 2011 and sales of the iPhone have of course gone up and continue to do so.

One of the most famed photographers of our time Annie Liebovitz claimed in a recent interview that the iPhone is ‘the snapshot camera of today’. Now this is not suitable evidence but it does demonstrate a changing nature in the use of cameras, especially as Annie is one of the best in her field. She also pointed out that ‘its the wallet with all the family pictures in it’.

This is a valid point as it has enough memory to hold numerous photos and is of course mobile. It also acts as a device to instantly show, share and upload to social media within seconds and by the simple click of a button.

This is all over due credit to the iPhone. The newest version now includes a camera that has a resolution equal to middle range cameras from a couple of years ago. It it is believed that the camera industry is not the only one Apple will conquer. It is predicted that it will take over game consoles with the number of game apps available and soon replace credit cards.

Only time will tell.