The first interview for 2012 is in. Kate Kendall, creator of The Fetch, Cloud Peeps and Social Melbourne talks to us about creating your own business, the future of technology, work life balance and what the world needs right now. Read a quick snippet here and head over to the interviews for the full story.

[TI] Kate, you have founded The FetchCloud Peeps and Social Melbourne, prior to this your were in a role as digital director for Niche Media (publisher of Marketing and Desktop magazines), why the change and the desire to create and invent your own business?

[KK]I think I’ve always been entrepreneurial at heart and wanting more out of life. I remember sitting at my desk during my role at the magazine publishing company having a burning desire to go to San Francisco. I wanted to talk product and ideas to geeks working on the next big thing. I quit in May 2010, headed there a couple of months later and while it’s certainly been a bumpy ride, haven’t looked back.