Paypal has always been a way of the future, and now it has developed even more exciting ways people can consumer, make decisions and control the way they pay. Primarily it is still an online payment platform which has eliminated the need to use or exchange bank information or credit card details.

Now however, it is taking its capabilities offline and making them available in real world situations, not limited to cyber space. For example it is now a point of sale payment option at Home Depot in the states. You simply enter your mobile phone number associated with your account and personal pin and the transaction is complete. No need for carrying cash or cards. The money will just be taken out of your paypal account. Simple.

The following Youtube clip illustrates just some of the new features Paypal has in the works and there really cool. They include the ability to make a payment to someone by simply logging into the Paypal app and tapping your phones together, mobile alerts of sales and when you have received store credit, ability to scan barcodes on clothing to locate which store has your size, scan promos instore to see whats been discounted, scan your items as you shop to by pass the check out, pay and order before you pick up your coffee and decide just exactly how you want to pay long after you have left the shop. Pretty neat huh?

Check it out. I just hope australia is quick to cotton on.