As you may recall UWS was once featured on Pulse’s featured article list, along with the likes of The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. Not even a year later Pulse received some exciting news themselves. They leaped from one million users to eleven million in 2011 alone. The following is a quick visualisation of Pulses growth.

They also ended 2011 with some new features. A new cover flow for topics instead of tabs, a more attractive option is one of these. This allows you to view and access by simply swiping from left to right. It also highlights the publishers that are featured on the app and allow you to navigate with ease.

A search field has also been added to the cover flow that makes it even easier to find your looking for.

The Smart Dock is also a new benefit. It follows your reading patterns and recommends certain articles and stories that are personally suited to your preferences and interests. The more you read the smarter it becomes. On any page, just scroll all the way down – you might just discover that nostalgic photo blog, your favorite social site or perhaps entrepreneurship content to help you launch your own business.

The interface has also been updated and will allow for the content to be the main focus. Pulse is as clean as possible so the content can take centre stage.