Dear dreamers, daredevils, brave ones and believers.

What does change really mean? I see  a world of empty promises and pretentious behaviours. I see people, leaders, politicians, believe in convention. Convention is fundamentally wrong. Good enough simply, is not good enough.

Courage, integrity and adventure will win over complacent, risk averse thinking. We have the right to challenge, to dream, to question and to explore. Are you the daredevil in your business, your life, the believer, the one hungry for ideas? Do you believe in the power of imagination and value relationships over transactions?

I am removing the word change in 2012 from my conversations, it is over rated and misunderstood by too many.

All I need is a vision of the future that is intrinsically connected to something that matters, is remarkable and worth doing. Change is not something we talk about, it is an outcome based a set of actions, guided by a belief in something.

What do you believe in? What future do you want?

Dear the brave ones, it is time to go and get it, if you truly want it.

Merry Christmas and thank you for reading white spaces. It means the world to me that people take the time. So thank you for your time. Be safe.

Ben Rennie

image via RedBull Illume