Vivaldi Partners is an international brand consultancy interested in the extent to which people in their everyday lives socially share a brand or information about a brand.

They believe measuring social media is one of the most important investment a company can make in order to create value for themselves. After all people are increasingly using social media platforms therefore businesses should be engaging with this medium.

They have created the Social Currency 100+ which is a collection of the very best digital initiatives and tools created by companies to engage with their target market. The goals are too:

  • show how companies utilize digital and social networking technologies around the world.
  • Inform and inspire best practices in the application of these tools and technologies.
  • Stimulate people to discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of these initiatives.
  • Provide a forum for sharing and contributing by everyone.
  • Promote the applications of digital and social networking technologies.

In the past three years, VP searched long and hard through the web and social media to collect the most inspiring, effective social currency initiative created by brands.

Take a look here where you can also add your own 2 cents on their effectiveness.