The Work Cycle is a web-based celebration of the Work Cyclist and their Work Cycles. A self-initiated project by Bristol-based creative production agency, Pixillion and after the success and enjoyment of Pixillion Sessions (the most recent thing to arise from the Pixillion labs), we figured it was about time for another self-initiated project. With the young, upcoming designer Emma Hopkins from Weston College doing a short work placement with us, it seemed like the ideal time to get started.

There’s a different kind of relationship developing at work with people falling in love with riding their bikes all over again. We want to explore how the Work Cycle is beginning to shape the workspaces that we journey to.

At Pixillion we’re into all types of bikes and depending on the mood, day, or weather you can expect to see Mountain Bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Road bikes, Commuters/Hybrids and at least one folding bike littered about the studio. A Work Cycle is definitely the quickest way to get around Bristol’s ever-increasingly clogged streets, and with some decent local knowledge you can plot some wonderful routes with plenty of variety too. Faced with never-ending queues by car, frustrating bus journeys, desperately long walks or a lovely trip on the Work Cycle, it’s an obvious choice really!

The idea of this project is to produce a photo-showcase of various workspaces to demonstrate how the Work Cycle is being successfully integrated into the daily office grind. We’re not just looking for clever and innovative storage solutions though, bikes propped up wherever they’ll fit is just as interesting – and arguably a bigger embrace! We want to see a focus on the whole space and how the Work Cycle fits in.

Courtesy of the work cycle