The director of Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky has collaborated with digital marketing agency, Organic to direct four ads for The Meth Project. Having not seen the ads you can already assume they will be hard-hitting and disturbing given the directors previous credentials. However this is exactly what they should be, portraying the true effect that drugs have on the mind, body and those connected to the user.

The prevention program aims to reduce the amount of first time users for meth and uses hard graphic, emotive portrayals to convince the audience.

Aronofsky explores the effects of addiction, offering a brutally realistic and unflinching look at what happens to four people who become meth users. They all wonder “If I had asked…” different questions about the drug and the ads ask “What do you know about meth?” (via PSFK)

As a warning some are quite graphic with disturbing images and references