This was an exciting week for UWS as we launched our new website, The Interviews with well known personality Andrew Denton.

Take a look at the interview here or head on over to the site and take a look around.

Name: Andrew Denton
DOB: 4th may, 1960
Place of Birth: Subiaco, Perth
Lives: Several, but currently enjoying this one.
Occupation: Personality.

[TI] Hi Mr Denton. Zapruders Other Films website describes you as “not tall but your brain is big and interesting”! Define interesting? 

[AD] That was long-time Zapruder producer, Polly Connolly’s, description of me – so maybe you should ask her.  My definition of interesting? Being John Malkovich.

A colleague of mine defined interesting recently as Andrew Denton.

He / she needs to get out more.

[Smiling] It seems like your Zapruders adventures (Gruen, Hungry Beast, Can of Worms) are overtaking your own career on TV, is that part of the grand plan?

No. The grand plan is to time travel back to 1987 and try to rescue my record collection before selling it off.  This is all part of a shabby plan.

What time do you start work each day?

Like most Australians, about half an hour after I sit down to start work.

From office or from home and what are your thoughts on work life balance? Is it as I suspect…  just myth?

Office. Home. Car. Depends. Work/life balance needn’t be a myth. Not if you work at it. Really hard. 60 hours a week, 52 weeks of the year.

How is it that Zapruder keeps on coming up with relevant content for Australian audiences when everyone else continues to pump out rubbish? Hungry Beast is more Gen-Y than Gen-Y yet it also appeals to a wide demographic?

Your claim, but let’s assume it’s true: We are arrogant enough to think that not all good television ideas need to have been a hit overseas first. And daft enough to think that it’s OK to fail as long as you’re shooting for something.

What are you shooting for?

The same thing. Always. A great idea flying true.

How important is Social Networking and New Media to Zapruders strategy? What role does it play?

It’s one of our key considerations. We now budget in every show for a Social Media co-ordinator. Their job: Audience build. Show awareness.. Gifts for our audience. Gifts from our audience.  For more detail, check these out:
Twitter: @Zapruders
Tumblr blog:

Do you tweet and how important are social networks to you?

No. And not much. I don’t tweet because I have a million other opportunities to communicate. And I don’t have much interest in social networking because I prefer solitude and letting my brain free-wheel where it may.

Who should we be following from Zapruder or more specific who in our midst is the future of media?

I have no idea, but here’s some interesting brains currently rambling around the Australian landscape (some of whom are Zapruder people): Jon Casimir, Dan Ilic, Daniel Keogh, Chas Licciardello, Marieke Hardy, Geoff Lemon, Sam Simmons, Claudia O’Doherty, Angus Sampson, Matt Okine, Tom Ballard.

Do you think that’s why Zapruder continue to produce great content; Because of the people in your team?

A key lesson I learnt many years ago was never be afraid to surround yourself with really smart people. Even if they’re smarter than you.  So…yes.

Slight shift and curious on your thoughts… Is it as good as over for the newspaper as we know it?

Not just yet. But the broadsheet does seem to be coughing and wheezing a lot.

What does your life look like now?
From the air, quite attractive with a pleasing outlook. From close up, modest, but with renovation potential.

Have you achieved everything you have wanted to achieve?

Yes. When I was 7 I decided that all I wanted to achieve in life was a full set of teeth. I achieved that. Setting the bar so low at an early age has been the secret to my incredible sense of accomplishment.

What is next for Zapruders Other Films?

Randling – it’s whitewater rafting for your brain. (Watch this space).

Thanks for your time.

Pleasure. Can I have it back now please?