Energy drink Lucozade, together with a thinking brands agency Billington Cartell, has launched a unique brand experience for their consumers, that is as long as you have an iPhone. The bottles are designed to launch videos through an Augmented Reality app. You simply view the bottle through the app and it will launch a teaser video and animation on your phone. You will then be prompted to visit a website and see the full documentary.

To make the content interesting, Lucozade has enlisted eight or so artists to design the bottles and part take in the videos. Two of the participating artists Plan B and Tinie Tempah will use their social media fan base to heavily promote the campaign.

On another note, CLOO is an app that connects those in desperate need of a toilet with people willing to rent theirs out. Basically it is turning private bathrooms into public bathrooms. The app allows you to build a community of members and if you like, become a registered host. You can see what friends you have in common with the host (for safety reasons), their ratings and the price of depositing your business. You then send a request to see if they are home and wait for their response. The app should have no troubles taking off as we have seen similar concepts such as sharing cars, bikes and homes gain major success.