Human ingenius inspires us everyday. Cities, airports, roads, buildings and even our car. Our world is an interconnected web leaving behind it a trail of sometimes devastation. So at what cost? Globaïa has created these renderings to give us a good indication of our foot print on our shared environment.

Globaïa is an educational organisation with the aim to promote “a better understanding of big history” . They recently created a series of stunning maps to help us all better understand our generational impact through the  “A Cartography of the Anthropocene.”

The Earth is around 4.5 billion years old and since our appearance around 2Million years ago, humans have changed the planet’s ecosystem in profound ways. Through our sprawling megacities and transportation networks to connect us, we have, as we know, altered the composition of the atmosphere and the ocean in ways we don’t yet understand.

Scientists have wanted to give this a name for years to address the impact of you and me (sorry… “I”). Paul Crutzen proposed calling it the Anthropocene which looks to be gaining momentum.

After spending some time on these maps of our past and futures, they seem to justify what we already know, that humans, in all our best interests, make decisions rarely without consideration of the long-term affects and future generations. This is changing however one thing is constant, we are the most disruptive beings to ever grace the planet.