The environmental health perspectives in the states conducted a study based on the premise that car exhausts pose health risks and that a dependency on your wheels can reduce physical fitness opportunities. It is known that 70 percent of americans car trips are less than two miles long, therefore it makes perfect economical, environmental as well as physical sense to ditch your car and use your bike instead. For sometime now we have always thought that the mounting effect of many individuals taking their bike would mean a healthier lifestyle, cleaner cities and this study has proven our thoughts to be correct.

The study conducted by the University of Wisconsin convinced people to switch from their car to a bike for trips no more than 5 miles long within 11 metropolitan areas.  What they found that if you don’t mind using your bike, you would help create a net social health benefit of $3.5 billion per year from the increase in air quality. Similarly $3.8 million would be saved from smaller health care costs associated with better fitness and fewer mortalities from car accidents.