Maybe clutter is doing more damage than you realise.

De-cluttering isn’t just about having a tidy and organised desk it’s also about removing possessions, people and other non-essentials that cramp your mind and stifle your life.

Most of us are consumers at heart and find it difficult to determine what we really need versus what we really want. We hoard, and hold on to so much stuff, objects, gadgets and that’s just the physical. What of the emotional, intellectual, mental or spiritual?

In all this stuff, it’s easy to lose sight of the essentials, the most important things in our life and that in turn affects our business.

Does a cluttered desk, a cluttered email inbox or disordered stack of papers/ books/ objects etc clutter your mind too? Do you feel overwhelmed, confused or unfocused? Or perhaps unmotivated? De-cluttering can make a huge difference in what and how you think. It can help you make better decisions, be more creative, and feel happier. The list goes on.

One way to maximize your time, energy and money in your business is to stop everything you’re doing and ask yourself:

What’s really important here?

What’s really essential?

Will what I’m doing, right now, have a positive impact next week? Next month? next year?

How does doing what I’m doing, right now, bring me closer to my goals?

De-cluttering also means putting limitations on what you do too. For instance you could limit your:

  • Information – all those magazines, books, newsletters etc you know you’ll never get around to reading
  • Social media – what social media doesn’t make a difference to your business?
  • Objects – old packages, cables, containers etc
  • Responsibilities – do you really need to be spending time doing the things your not good at or don’t enjoy?
  • Email – reading and responding more than two times a day
  • Daily tasks – there’s no sense in being busy doing things that don’t bring results or move you further away from your goals
  • Phone calls – often theses are interruptions and distractions
  • Meetings – too many distracting coffee meetings, lunches and dinners
  • Events, seminars and workshops
  • Things on your desk – are you using your desk as a diary?
  • Opportunities – not all opportunities are created equally
  • Spending – do you need it or do you want it?
  • Staff – are there people that are sucking time, energy and money?
  • Wallet/ briefcase/ handbags – what shouldn’t be in there anymore?

I bet from the list above there are many things that clutter your life and throw you into overwhelm.

Making time to de-clutter each month, quarter, year or whatever works for you will make a big difference to your business life. But don’t take my word for it, start small and try it for yourself.

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