Of course we all know whats going down in America and subsequently spread to the rest of the world with Occupy Wall Street. It’s a movement that proposed a peaceful occupation of Wall Street to protest corporate influence of democracy, the growing disparity between the haves and have-nots and the absence of legal repercussions behind the global financial crisis.

Then the ‘we are the 99 percent’ movement emerged, a form of modern-day protesting that enlists the support of the internet. It is a simple tumblr blog site that represents the people who are most affected with Americas greed issues. It puts an everyday face on the problem. The concept behind the blog is to upload a photo with a piece of paper describing how you have been hurt or affected by the system that favours the rich and isolates the poor.

Due to its popularity there is now a website which piggybacks of the 99 percent called ‘we are the 1 percent’. As the title suggests these posts come from the rich Americans who own the wealth. They have either inherited it or made it, either way their super duper rich. However these people feel exactly the same as the 99 percent and also want a voice in this protest. They share the exact same goal, to support the elimination of income inequality in the US.