A cinema run entirely on the use of pedal power. Magnificent Revolutions Cycle in Cinema has designed a cinema that uses the power generated by bicycle peddling viewers, an environmentally friendly idea that gives new meaning to exercise.

Imagine a 1960s drive in cinema but without the cars. Viewers simply ride their own bicycle to the venue and plug it into an on site generator and start peddling to power their entertainment. While the resulting energy powers the performance, the movie’s soundtrack is broadcast using a wireless transmitter that can be heard by audience members via mobile phone or FM radio. The event is free of charge and there is a selection of drinks and snacks available for you to re charge and maintain energy levels for the duration of the viewing.

Along the ride, viewers are also educated on energy consumption via a unique display system that shows how much energy you are producing.

Personally this idea does not sit well with me. I’m too lazy to pedal for 1-2 hours and would rather sit back and enjoy the movie, not work up a sweat to power my entertainment. Plus it makes it difficult to consume all that pop corn. But I do like that its eco-friendly and doing good for the environment.