It seems that Jay Z and Warren Buffet are concerned about our economical future and as a result are educating children about money matters. They use a fun and engaging medium, a cartoon for television with the hope of educating children on how to make better decisions in life and recognise their entrepreneurial potential.

Together they are worth over a whopping 39.5 billion dollars so they seem like worthy mentors and are well educated on the topic themselves. The first episode shows Jay Z inviting a lucky group of students into his office to congratulate them on their hard work and achievements. He then lets them in on a few tips on how to be successful in life and make a whole lot of money, something that we don’t exactly think about when we are children.

Along with the tv show, Secret Millionaires Club, Jay Z and Buffet will be distributing over 100 000 educational kits to schools. They are also launching the online ‘Grow Your Own Business Challenge’ that will see kids recognise their entrepreneurial ambitions. It seems like this will be the most interesting lesson that kids will bump and grind away with this year. And It should not only be aimed at children, for I myself would like to learn a thing or too on how to become just as rich as these two.