Nectar and Pulse, a personalised travel guide service.

The two ladies, avid world travellers, behind this ingenious idea realised there was a gap in the market for travel guides. So they decided to create their own based on a different concept. They found people named ‘soul mates’ who live in different cities all over the world. On their website you browse a list of these soul mates and view suggestions for what to do in their city, a true local insider perspective. You also read a profile on this person to see if you share any similar interests. If you like their suggestions you add that soul mate to your shopping cart which then gets printed and delivered as a customised travel guide to the customer.

The only problem is the site only focuses on three cities, London Stockholm and Vienna. But the girls plan to expand into Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Munich, Salzburg and Tel Avid.

This is an awesome idea, after recently travelling to central america, my boyfriend and I, time and time again got frustrated with The Lonely Planet Guide. It’s too thick, most places have closed down or are inaccurate descriptions, didn’t include towns we were travelling to and for what it is, is too damn expensive. And apart from it, there isn’t really any other publication on the market.

In an interview with they did this week, the girls gave ten tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. Believe in yourself, your skills and your idea.
  2. Find a great business partner you trust. It’s easier if you are two.
  3. If you feel dejected – CONTINUE!
  4. Focus on one idea and execute this one idea well.
  5. Take risks! You have nothing to lose.
  6. Surround yourself with people who see the potential in you and your idea, who are there when you fail and when you celebrate your successes.
  7. Get it out there.
  8. Take care of your customers and fans and…
  9. Listen to them!
  10. Don’t forget that it’s a game. You can’t win or lose it, you can only play it. Have fun!

Check it here  and they do a cool blog you can view here