Call it what you will-integrated, holistic, mulit-channel fundraising and marketing, evidence suggests you should be doing this.

Without multi-channel marketing and fundraising, your target audiences are confused by the inconsistency of what they’re hearing from you via various channels (your emails vs. Facebook page vs. in-person events). No one likes to be confused and in many cases, the response is to flee your call to action. This doesn’t mean you have to use every channel. It does mean that when you focus on the channels where your target audiences already are, strive for consistency.

With multi-channel marketing and fundraising, you make it easy for your network to ‘get it’ as they’re absorbing consistent messages across channels It may be that the third time they hear your call to action (lets say to support a new program) is the magic charm….the time when your message resonates (and it took hearing or reading it three times to make this happen) to spur action and strengthen relationships. So make the build happen with rigorously monitored multi channel marketing!

Article via Adam Robinson for StreetSmart Australia