The Motorola eco packaging concept is absolutely genius in the way that it gives the product’s packaging an extended life cycle. Thought up by Herald Urena during a company sponsored studio course, this idea excels in the department of waste and consumption reduction long-term.

The cutting-edge capsule that contains the smart phone is made from a malleable polymer that keeps the gadget protected. Its new life begins after the mobile has been purchased, because the owner is encouraged to keep the case packaging. It can remain an effective carrier anytime the device faces damage, and when popped inside out it reveals a prepaid postage stamp printed onto the packaging, to send a retired handset away to be recycled as e-waste. In addition, a solar charger would come within Motorola Eco packaging, acting as a protective buffer before it was bought and a sustainable source of power afterwards.The solar cell charger acts as the inner packaging skeleton of the capsule when bought so that there is less material used for the packaging itself – a two in one concept.

This project was recognized by Motorola ( and the head of their design department – Jim Coruso) as an exceptional piece of design.