The Hall Pass Tour is a series of high energy concerts designed to encourage underserved students to pursue higher education through the use of music. After the successful launch in New York City, the program begins a nationwide tour and has sixteen schools on board. The tour has enlisted the support of Kickstart, the premier crowdfunding site for creative projects.Apart from the main act, students have the opportunity to be the opening act. Hall Pass holds auditions at the participating schools with the best music act selected. They then have the opportunity to share their college and career aspirations and inspire their peers.Over the next three weeks, the tour team has a series of promotional events planned across New York City including a pledge party, street jams and a secret pop-up performance. Updates will be posted on their Kickstarter project page.The idea is presented by College for Every Student which is a not for profit that helps underserved students prepare and gain access to college. Since its development in 1991 CFES has helped thousands of students make the decision to further their education. Each student has to engage in three high impact practices: Pathways to college (opportunity to visit colleges, meet students and obtain financial aid), Mentoring (supportive relationship with a student) and leadership through Service (use their leadership potential to improve their school, neighbourhood or global community).

The best part of the program is that most of the kids will be the first in their families to attend college, hopefully setting a trend for generations to come.

Head to Kickstart here to make a donation.