New software has been created that sees one tree planted for every 100 pages printed.

This environmentally friendly idea was developed by  Joe Miller, founder of Print a Forest. After being concerned with the amount of paper university students use he decided to take some action. I remember being über concerned with the amount of paper I required whilst studying. He (and I) went to the extreme of not printing to the point where our grades suffered.

For Joe, there was 45 000 students at his uni, printing 9 million pages a year on campus on campus printers alone. The result was  that 530 000 trees suffered to supply these needs.

The application, which is free places a branded footnote from sponsors in the bottom margin. The sponsorship revenue stream is then used to give to nonprofit reforestation organisations. 100 pages equals one dollar on the Plant A Tree virtual printer and one dollar will plant one tree. If print reduction is not an option, offsetting environmental damages is the solution.

Joes university alone can plant 40 million trees in endangered forests worldwide for all the paper they are consuming.

There are a lot of little things that give to our carbon footprint… Print a Forest is a little thing you can do to give a lot back.

You can download the program from here