Connected is a documentary about our current addiction and obsession with technology and staying connected with one another. It explores the evolution of human communication and how it has altered our life and questions whether this is for the better good. The documentary’s creator, Tiffany Shlain started to question her dependency on her phone when she excused herself from a dinner party to go to the bathroom but really to check her email.

Connected also takes us on a personal journey into Shlains personal life as we are exposed to her dads cancer and the preparation of childbirth which is why the film has been given the subtitle ‘an autobiography’.

The decision to make the film more bloggy, Shlain said, came about after she’d been working on it for some time, but was struggling to get inspired. “I was working on a film about connectedness and wasn’t feeling connected to it,”

The film will be released on DVD next year (but is still showing in the US) and their Facebook page has attracted a lot of people wanting to take part in this conversation.  Shlain also discusses how her family and her have instituted a weekly unplugging. This is where they go offline and are not allowed to use technology.

There are huge ideas in Connected, and small personal touches; it simultaneously makes the case that our over-connected society can be damaging on both a personal and global level — but also looks to those same connection tools as our salvation, because acknowledging our “interdependence” creates conversations that can lead to change.