Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, the big guns in fashion retail are pursuing new avenues to keep the customers coming and to align with current trends.

Barneys has bowed down to the blogger pressure. As apart of their ongoing effort to be one of the hipper, cooler retailers, they are staging seasonal beauty events. Bloggers in the field are invited to share an evening with make up guru Jason Asher, sample products and learn of their benefit and even meet the creator. They also learn what it tales to be stocked in Barneys. My tip is brand owners buddy up with these bloggers to get your product noticed.

Bergdorf has begun hosting Flea Markets to endorse its vintage collection. The markets are held on weekends at the Brooklyn Flea. As well as plenty of clothes there are DJs, tarot card readers and food stalls.

Bloggers due to their rise in popularity and level of respect in the field are covering their own backs by taking on agents.  This is to assist in securing endorsements, advertising and even television commercials. The NY times reports that NY based agency, Digital Brand Architects represent around fifty bloggers. Next has signed a total of eleven bloggers including the famous Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast.  The NY times noted,

The advent of agents who specialize in fashion bloggers points to the evolving influence of blogs. Once considered fashion-obsessed amateurs, style bloggers have matured into tastemakers and savvy marketers who can command four- and five-figure fees from brands

This move however doesn’t come without risks. There is the risk of over exposure and being seen as a corporate shill. Bloggers get their following from being notoriously individual, not dictated by a brand or corporate front. Also brands are not used to agents and usually work directly with the blogger. Time will only tell if this move is for the best or if the bloggers will lose their respect.