We all know heartache and break ups are hard, especially when you live your life in the public eye. This is the case for Barbie and Ken, their life long love affair is officially over because Ken can no longer stand being affiliated with someone who supports deforestation in Indonesia. Greenpeace has launched a campaign against Mattel and is using Ken as their spokesperson and famous face.

Mattel has been outed for affiliating with Asia Pulp and Paper which destroys forests in Indonesia without a care in the world. There are also links to Lego and  Disney that suggest they use this pulp manufacture for their glossy cardboard toy packaging. Greenpeace selected Mattel as their focus and employed Ken as the key identifiable figure. The creative ‘Barbie its over’ campaign also employed the use of an interview with Ken where he is exposed to images of Barbie destroying rain forests and  Ken Twitter account where he engages in tiffs with Barbie.

And the campaign was a success. Mattel has agreed to stop relations with APP. They have stated that by the end of 2011 seventy percent of Mattels paper packaging will be comprised of recycled material.

Check the twitter feed here and his youtube interview here and his hilarious call to Mattel here